Technical Committee (TC) 260 for Human Resource Management (HRM) is comprised of representatives from various national standards bodies, such as the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), who create a strategic business plan to address areas where HRM standards could be beneficial.

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The HRSI team will track the necessary items to move the organization from one step to the next. The organization seeking certification will have a Point of Contact (POC) to track items and load the requested application into the secured application site.


To ensure the work of a TC is carried out effectively, each TC is assigned a Secretariat, who must have a strong material interest in the work of the TC. The Secretariat also must have documented technical and administrative competence.

HRCI is the only organization appointed as the HR Secretariat, and it serves as the administrative chair for TC 260 and the standards the group creates.


Yes. There is a formal recertification process, which takes place 60months of five (5) years from the original certification.

The recertification is a great milestone and indicator of continuous improvement. If successful with recertification, the certification seal is retained for another 5 years. 


The Human Resource Standards Institute℠ (HRSI) is a subsidiary of the Human Resource Certification Institute® (HRCI). HRSI builds on HRCI's 45-year history of providing premier credentialing services in over 100 countries. HRSI is dedicated to helping organizations leverage and create value through organizational certifications. 


HR Certification Institute® (HRCI) is the premier credentialing organization for the HR profession. HRCI has been setting the standard for HR rigor, excellence and expertise for more than 50 years.


The HRSI organizational certifications aligns HR activities and business objectives. This allows for objective comparisons of practices with other organizations across national boundaries and industry sectors. 

An HRSI organizational certification allows HR leaders to ensure that their organization's processes and practices are aligned not only with their own organizational goals and objectives but also international standards and the best practice of continuous improvement.


HRSI certifies organizations HR process to ISO standards validating the organizations journey to HR excellence and organizational value creation. 


The certification process is an opportunity to increase brand and market recognition with customers, future employees, business partners and the community. Certified organizations receive positive press, recognition and exposure.


Certified organizations receive the badge and seal of excellence after being validated to promote an inclusive work climate and enhanced D&I employee experience based on ISO 30415:2021.

The certified organization earns the opportunity to increase brand and market recognition with customers, future employees, business partners and the community. Certified organizations receive positive press, recognition and exposure.


The steps of the application process have been streamlined to make the experience more user friendly:

  1. Complete the Readiness Assessment

  2. Evaluate readiness results

  3. Engage with additional resources (if necessary)

  4. Apply for certification

  5. Assessor review and feedback

  6. Receive certification results

  7. Continue your journey of HR excellence

  8. Plan for recertification


The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is the leader for the development and promotion of international standards for technology, scientific testing processes, working conditions, societal issues and more. The ISO is made up of voluntary members who are recognized authorities on standards and has members from more than 160 countries.


Standard reflect best practices developed by consensus and based upon the distilled wisdom of people with expertise in their subject matter who know the needs of the organizations they represent. 


ISO standard 30415:2021 provides the guidelines to organizations on diversity and inclusion. These D&I principles, practices, methods, processes and approaches support the D&I values of equity, fairness, equality, inclusivity, respect, integrity and valuing the person. 


The estimated time frame is 30 to 90 days to completion. The actual completion time will depend on the amount of time a given organization needs to pull the verifying documentation and to answer the questions within the application.

Some organizations may complete within a 10-to-14-day time frame, while others may take just over 90 days. If an organization feels they need more time to prepare or to establish something that is recognized during the readiness phase, the time frame will be adjusted based on the individual needs of the organization.


It is recommended that an organization seeking certification select a Point of Contact (POC) to work with the HRSI onboarding logistics team and assigned assessors through the process. The organization will want to select a Point of Contact (POC), internally known as the D&I Champion, who is committed to the certification process, diversity and inclusion and has credibility within the organization as a positive influence on an inclusive culture. 


Each organization is assigned an HRSI organizational Assessor to review readiness assessments and other materials.


Organizations are encouraged to promote their accomplishment in meeting international standards of excellence. HRSI will supply certified organizations with a detailed guide on how to market, celebrate internally and broadly share their organizational certification.

Organizations can promote their certification through marketing, advertising and other public relations channels. This promotion will continue to drive revenue and profits, as well as support stakeholder demands and community needs.

The promotion and celebration of the certification is an exciting part of the process and value-driven outcome.