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Validate your inclusive efforts while attracting top talent. 

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What Is ISO 30415:2021?

This standard provides organizations with diversity and inclusion guidelines, including the principles, practices, methods, processes and approaches that support the D&I values of equity, fairness, equality, inclusivity, respect, integrity, and valuing the person.

Benefits of Organizational Certification

Validate Your Diversity & Inclusion Efforts

Obtaining an HRSI certification in Workplace Inclusion not only signals your organization's dedication to meeting international standards but also instills confidence within your workforce regarding your unwavering commitment to an inclusive culture. This certification serves as a tangible assurance, substantiating your organization's proactive efforts in fostering a workplace culture that embraces diversity and values inclusion.

Elevate Your Status as an Inclusive Workplace

Provide your workforce with a clear and demonstrable indication of your commitment to cultivating an environment where diversity is not just acknowledged but celebrated, contributing to a workplace that thrives on inclusivity and equity.


Gain a Competitive Edge in the Marketplace

By showcasing your dedication to continuous improvement in D&I practices, you not only meet global standards but also establish your organization as a leader in cultivating a workplace culture that not only adapts but thrives in an ever-evolving landscape, providing a distinct edge in the competitive market.



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Your commitment to HR excellence and the employee experience speaks volumes. That's why HRSI offers digital badges for our Organizational Certifications, which are based on global standards and validate your company as an exceptional place to work.

These badges showcase your culture and commitment to excellence and are a powerful endorsement that help attract top-tier talent, retain high-performers, and increase market recognition.