Embark Toward Organizational Success

HRSI is committed to ensuring your success at every step toward certification. 

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Apply for Certification

When you feel prepared to take the next step, submit your official application through our secure online portal. This streamlined process ensures the confidentiality and integrity of your application while providing a convenient and efficient avenue to formally initiate the certification journey.


Assessor Feedback and Review

Upon application submission, our dedicated HRSI assessor will diligently evaluate its contents, conducting a thorough examination of the provided information. Subsequently, the assessor will formulate a comprehensive recommendation based on their assessment findings. This recommendation will be conveyed to the Commission, representing a pivotal stage in the certification process. This systematic evaluation process ensures a fair and objective review of your application, laying the groundwork for the future steps toward HRSI certification.

Receive Certification Results

Upon assessment completion, we will promptly communicate your certification status. If areas of further improvement are identified, we will transition you to the HRSI partner network comprised of seasoned professionals who specialize in facilitating the enhancement of aspects necessary for certification. We are dedicated to guiding and supporting you throughout the entire certification journey.


Congratulations, You're Certified!

As you bask in the achievement of your organizational certification, it's time to celebrate this significant milestone, both internally and externally. HRSI is committed to supporting you in this celebratory phase. Our comprehensive detailed resource will offer insights and strategies on how to effectively market your certification, celebrate the accomplishment within your organization, and share your success story with the world.