Human Capital Reporting Certification built on ISO standards.

Elevate business outcomes through accountability and transparency into organizational HR practices and processes. 

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What Is ISO 30414:2018?

This standard provides organizations with guidelines for both internal and external reporting, as well as for measuring the contributions of their workforce toward the overall objectives of the organization. It also provides a recommended system for implementation.



Benefits of Organizational Certification

Showcase Your Commitment to Ethical Practices

Stakeholders, investors, customers, employees, and the wider community are interested in understanding how organizations approach human capital management. The Human Capital Reporting certification not only meets this growing demand for transparency but also establishes a framework for organizations to communicate their commitment to responsible and ethical practices.

Standardize Reporting with Consistent Frameworks

Standardizing organizational HR reporting emerges as a critical solution to one of the market's most pressing challenges. By establishing consistent frameworks and metrics for reporting across diverse organizations, this initiative aims to enhance transparency, comparability, and efficiency in human resources management.

Strategically Address Regulatory Expectations

This certification not only meets industry standards but also serves as a strategic move to address regulatory expectations, solidifying an organization's commitment to robust and standardized reporting practices in the realm of Human Capital.

Display your organizational badge with pride!

Your commitment to HR excellence and the employee experience speaks volumes. That is why HRSI offers digital badges for our Organizational Certifications, which are based on global standards and validate your company as an exceptional place to work.

These badges showcase your culture and commitment to excellence and are a powerful endorsement that help attract top-tier talent, retain high-performers, and increase market recognition.