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Showcase your company culture and commitment to employee wellness. 

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What Is ISO 45003:2021?

This standard provides organizations with guidelines for managing psychosocial risk, enabling organizations to help prevent work-related injury and ill health of their employees and to promote wellness at work. 

Benefits of Organizational Certification

Demonstrate Commitment to Employee Wellness

Achieving the HRSI Workplace Wellness Certification demonstrates your organization’s commitment to workforce duty of care, signaling to current and prospective talent that your organization offers a healthy and supportive work environment. Benefits for this certification are realized by allyour employees and the organization.

Enhance Workplace Productivity and Engagement

The HRSI Workplace Wellness Certification focuses on managing and minimizing workplace stressors to guard against negative human capital outcomes. By minimizing workplace stressors, organizations will enjoy higher levels of productivity, engagement, retention, and reduced absenteeism.

Empower Your Organization's Objectives

Each organization has its own unique set of risk factors for its workforce. By Implementing a continual improvement process that considers the risks, measures stress indicators, and outcomes for the workforce an organization demonstrate that it is dedicated to workplace wellness.

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Your commitment to HR excellence and the employee experience speaks volumes. That's why HRSI offers digital badges for our Organizational Certifications, which are based on global standards and validate your company as an exceptional place to work.

These badges showcase your culture and commitment to excellence and are a powerful endorsement that help attract top-tier talent, retain high-performers, and increase market recognition.