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Human Resource Standards Institute

At the Human Resource Standards Institute (HRSI), we specialize in the certification of an organization's human resources processes, aligning them with the esteemed global standards formulated by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). By undergoing our certification process, your organization not only demonstrates a steadfast commitment to your employees and your business but also embarks on a dedicated journey towards achieving and upholding excellence in human resources.

Build Trust with Your Workforce

In today's workforce, there's a growing desire for transparency and accountability throughout all tiers of an organization. HRSI Organizational Certifications not only affirm your dedication to transparency and accountability but also illustrate your organization's proactive steps in creating an environment marked by mutual respect.

Demonstrate Continual Improvement

By securing an HRSI certification, your organization not only attains a powerful endorsement but also effectively demonstrates a commitment to meeting and surpassing rigorous international standards. HRSI Organizational Certifications serve as dynamic representations of your ongoing efforts in ensuring continual improvement within the complex landscape of human resources.

Display Your Badge with Pride

Your commitment to HR excellence and the employee experience speaks volumes. That's why HRSI offers digital badges for our Organizational Certifications, which are based on global standards and validate your company as an exceptional place to work.

These badges showcase your culture and commitment to excellence and are a powerful endorsement that help attract top-tier talent, retain high-performers, and increase market recognition.

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Organizations Certified by HRSI Include:

Delek, Silk Relo, Graebel, Circa, Delta Dental, NAAAHR, Asian Tigers Group